Transfer Plates


The Electric Transfer Plate is designed to help people make a sidewise transfer between a wheelchair and the vehicle’s seat. The plate is powered up and down directly from the vehicle’s battery and is folded up and down manually.

To get into the vehicle the plate is powered down to a height similar to that of the wheelchair that the user is transferring from. The user can then lift themselves easily onto the plate. The plate is then raised up until it is a similar height to the vehicle’s seat, and the user can easily transfer into the seat. The plate is then simply folded up to a vertical position, where it can remain whilst driving.

Alternatively for lower seated vehicles the process can be reversed and the plate raises up to a suitable height and then lowers the user down to the height of the seat.

The electric tip up plate can be installed in vehicles with both 3 and 5 doors in either the driver’s or front passenger’s side door.

Transfer Plate


The transfer plate is also available as a manual version for some vehicles. This plate slots securely onto a bracket fixed inside the vehicle and matches the vehicle’s seat height. It does not feature up/down powered motion.. It can then be easily lifted off its bracket to be stowed in the vehicle until its next needed.

Manual Transfer Plate

Manual Transfer Plate

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