Any of the adaptations on our website can be purchased privately from us. Please call us on 01332 863742 for prices and further information.
Adaptation prices vary, and some are even free under the Motability Scheme. Feel free to ring us on 01332 863742 to discuss what you need and we will be happy to advise you.
The Motability Scheme provides an affordable, worry-free way for people with disabilities to lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair in exchange for their mobility allowance. Des Goslings are proud to be a Motability Accredited Company which means we are fully licensed to fit vehicles with all manner of adaptations. The Scheme is operated by Motability Operations Ltd, under contract to Motability, a registered Charity.
All hoists work in different ways, depending on what it’s being used for and the make and model. If you have never used a hoist before we would advise you call us on 01332 863742 to arrange a free demonstration, with no obligation. You can either visit us at our premises in Derbyshire or we can arrange for one of our specialists to come to your home.
This is one of the most common questions we get asked here at Des Gosling Mobility, and the easiest way to find out is to simply give us a call on 01332 863742 and ask. Our staff are familiar with all different types of scooters and cars, and can usually give you an answer straight away. If you would like to figure out for yourself if a scooter will fit inside a car then have a look at this quick guide below:
  1. Decide whether or not you are willing to lose two back seats of the car. If you are then you can load the scooter lengthways and usually don’t need to worry about the width or length of the scooter.
  2. Decide whether you want to load the scooter unfolded, folded, or seat off. Generally you would have to load the scooter folded or seat off, depending on the height of the boot.
  3. Take measurements of the car boot and the scooter, or search for them online (you can generally find the scooter dimensions on the manufacturer’s website).
  4. Remember to account for the size of the hoist (add about 5 inches for the height and 6 inches for the width).
  5. Make some calculations and you should be able to figure out if the scooter will fit into the boot of the car.

Yes, the vehicle pedals will take precedence over the hand control. If the hand control user is in danger of touching the pedals they will need a hinged accelerator and/or pedal guard to prevent them from accidentally pressing the pedals.
No, hand controls can only be fitted to vehicles with an automatic gearbox.
Yes, if you have a quick release steering ball you simply press the release mechanism and take the steering ball out of the clamp.
Press and hold the indicator cancel button (X) for 5 seconds to turn the illumination on and off. The illumination will turn itself off after 25 minutes of keypad inactivity, and shortly after the vehicle ignition is switched off.
The first thing to try if your Lodgesons unit stops working is to replace the battery. The battery you need is a CR123A.
Class 2 Scooters are generally smaller, lighter and less powerful. They can be driven on the pavement and in shopping areas but NOT on the road and go no faster than 4 mph. This class is the most popular class as they can be packed into a car boot by either folding or dismantling them. These scooters do not need to be registered with the DVLA.


Class 3 Scooters are generally bigger, heavier and more powerful. They can be driven on the pavement (limited to 4 mph) or the road ( limited to 8 mph) and are not for indoor use. They cannot be folded down or dismantled to fit into a car. These Scooters must be registered with the DVLA.

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