Electronic Side Step

Electric Side Step

Electric Side Step

The Electronic Side Step is designed to aid in the access to vans and larger vehicles, this is due to the reduced amount the user will need to step up to access the vehicle, once the door is opened the Side Step extends to allow the user to step into the vehicle. Once the door is closed the Step retracts into the side of the vehicle to prevent it protruding.

With a weight capacity of up to 250kg (39 Stone) and the ability to be fitted in virtually any position in the vehicle, this system is highly versatile.

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If you have a question about this product or would like to enquire about prices, you can send us a message using this form. Please note we can come out and fit adaptations to most places across the midlands, UK. If you live outside our area of fitment you may have to bring your vehicle to our workshop in Melbourne, South Derbyshire.

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