Driving Controls

.Driving Controls

Hand Controls

If you are unable to operate the foot pedals, hand controls allow you to brake and accelerate using your hands.

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.Electronic Accelerators

Electronic Accelerators

If you are unable to operate the foot pedals or find hand controls take too much effort, an electronic accelerator allows you to accelerate using your hands with minimal effort.

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.Steering Aids

Steering Aids

Designed to aid one handed steering. If you have hand controls fitted, a steering ball is often essential, as it enables you to steer the car with one hand, while operating hand controls with the other.

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.Remote Control Devices

Remote Control Devices

Remote control devices help make it easier to operate some of your standard car controls, such as the indicators, windscreen wipers and headlights, using a single control panel mounted on the steering wheel.

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.Left Foot Accelerators

Left Foot Accelerators

If you have limited mobility in your right leg, and cannot use the standard accelerator comfortably, you may benefit from having a left foot accelerator fitted.

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.Hinged Accelerator Pedal

Hinged Accelerator Pedal

The accelerator pedal is hinged and can be folded up when the hand control is being operated.

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.Pedal Guard

Pedal Guard

The pedal guard is a detachable plate which sits in front of the pedals, and obstructs them from involuntary operation.

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.Pedal Extensions

Pedal Extensions

Pedal extensions bring the original pedals closer and can be installed into both automatic and manual vehicles.

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