Steering Aids

Designed to aid one handed steering of a vehicle. Steering aids are commonly used in conjunction with hand controls, allowing the driver to steer using the left hand, while operating the acceleration and braking using the right hand.

Jeff Gosling Steering Aids

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Operation Steering Aids

Steering BallSteering Ball

The most commonly used steering aid, the steering ball is grasped from the front using a partially clenched hand. Available in fixed or quick release versions.

Steering PegSteering Peg

The steering peg is grasped from the side using a partially clenched hand. Available as quick release only.

Tetra GripTetra Grip

The tetra grip is controlled by placing the wrist between two adjustable supports and fingers around the peg. Available as quick release only.

Brig-Ayd Steering Aids

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Brig-Ayd Steering Ball

Brig-Ayd Steering BallsThe Brig-ayd steering ball functions much the same as the Jeff Gosling steering ball. The quick release mechanism is operated by pushing in the button in the center of the ball and sliding it out of the clamp.

Comes in a choice of four colours – Grey/Blue/Purple/Pink

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