Person Lifts

Person Lift

The Milford person lift from Des Gosling Mobility Derby is a transfer solution for people struggling to get in and out of their vehicle from their wheelchair or scooter. The lift uses a sling which goes under and between the user’s legs; and once in the vehicle or your chair the sling simply detaches from the arm and can be slid out from under the user. The lift is simply powered up and down and the movement in and out is manually controlled by either the user or helper, this in/out movement is made very easy because of the three pivot points of the arm.

In some vehicles the arm of the lift can remain in position permanently. However, there is not always space between the seat and the inside of the door, in which case the arm has to be removed and placed somewhere else in the vehicle before the door can be shut. The arm of the lift easily dismantles into three easily manageable pieces (with a total weight of only 8kg) which can be stored, along with the sling, in the padded carry bag provided with the lift.

The lift is powered directly from the vehicle’s 12 volt battery, and can be fitted on either the driver or passenger side of the vehicle. The Milford lift can be fitted to all 2 and 3 door vehicles, and most 4 or 5 door vehicles including estates, people carriers and 4×4’s.

The standard lift can safely lift people weighing up to 111kg (17.5 stone). There is also an HD version available which is capable of lifting people weighing up to 148kg (23.5 stone). The sling also comes in a variety of sizes ranging from extra small to extra large.

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If you have a question about this product or would like to enquire about prices, you can send us a message using this form. Please note we can come out and fit adaptations to most places across the midlands, UK. If you live outside our area of fitment you may have to bring your vehicle to our workshop in Melbourne, South Derbyshire.

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