Sterling Sapphire 2

Price: £1,225 Excl. VAT

The Sterling Sapphire 2 is a medium sized class 2 Folding Mobility Scooter, manufactured by Sunrise Medical.

Colour: Carbon Metallic

19 miles
4 mph
23 stone
121 (L) x 59 (W) x 94 (H)

Max Battery Range:
No of Wheels:
Max Speed:
Max User Weight:
Dimensions (cm):

Secure handling but with a portable base, take your next adventure with the Sapphire 2 mobility scooter.

Designed to give exceptional manoeuvrability both indoors and out, the Sapphire 2 is a 4mph portable mobility scooter that separates into 4 easy to manage parts. Dual handles fitted to the batteries and rear drive unit make lifting and handling your mobility scooter safer and more manageable, whilst powerful LED lights on the front and rear ensure you’re always seen on your travels. The ergonomic floor panel design also provides maximum legroom compared to other mobility scooters in its class. The maximum range is up to 19 miles.

To enquire about buying a scooter or having a demonstration, please call us on 01332 863742.

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