Foldalite Trekker

Price: £2,895 Excl. VAT

The Foldalite Trekker is a small class 2 Folding Powered Wheelchair, manufactured by Motion Healthcare.

Available in: Red, Silver

10 miles
4 mph
23 stone
100 (L) x 70 (W) x 93 (H)

Max Battery Range:
Max Speed:
Max User Weight:
Dimensions (cm):

Multi-purpose Design

Couples intelligent construction with smooth control, perfect for everyday use. Treaded rear wheels offer improved traction for those looking to travel outdoors.

Reliable Build

Fitted with dedicated brushless motors for long-lasting performance, a 250W motor for a boost of power, and safer, lighter lithium-ion batteries.

Unrivalled Comfort

Contoured cushioned seat with fully adjustable backrest, footrest and leg guards. The simple control panel can be fixed to either armrest to suit the user’s preference.

Lightweight Frame

The Trekker is one of the most convenient models on the market. Taking its cues from the aerospace industry, the Foldalite Trekker is built with super-lightweight aluminium offering as much in the way of durability and stability as it does in travel convenience. At just over 33kg, it’s more than easy for the user to lift the chair into the boot of a car or on to a luggage rack.

In seconds the Trekker collapses to a compact, manageable size, convenient for travel and discreet storage.

Rear-Wheel Performance

With two dedicated brushless motors located on the rear wheels, the Trekker provides perfect control and reliable stability whether the user travels indoors or outdoors. Offering 250W of power, these brushless motors deliver long-lasting performance and efficiency, requiring less in the way of maintenance than other models.

The treaded rear tyres give the Trekker its name, giving the user a smooth drive and enough protection to take on all kinds of terrain.

Truly User-Friendly

The Trekker continues the Foldalite trend for being remarkably user-friendly. Capable of being fixed to either armrest depending on the user’s preference, the 4-button controller offers speed adjustment mid-travel, and the LED display helps the user to keep track of speed and battery level at a glance.

A highly responsive joystick keeps the user in control even when turning at higher speeds, making the Foldalite Trekker an impressively agile powerchair.

To enquire about buying a powerchair or having a demonstration, please call us on 01332 863742.

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