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Car Cane



Lightweight, portable and easy to use, these aids will fit most cars*. They simply slide into the car door latch enabling the user to gain extra support and stability when entering or exiting their car. They are easily stored in the glovebox or side pocket of the car, so you can always have it handy.

The Car Cane features an LED flashlight and both have a seatbelt cutter incorporated, the ends can be used to smash the car windows in case of an emergency. The Car Cane fits so that the support handle is facing the front of the car and the Handybar** fits so that the handle is facing away from the car (see photos) so consider which orientation might suit you best.

Max user weight – 158kg / 350lbs

*May not be compatible with all cars from the 1990’s and earlier.

**Fits most vehicles with a “U” shaped striker.

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We can come out and fit adaptations to most places across the midlands, UK. If you live outside our area of fitment you may have to bring your vehicle to our workshop in Melbourne, South Derbyshire.
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