Driver Comfort

.Seat Belt Extensions

Seat Belt Extenders

These extensions are available in two forms – a rigid extension and a webbing belt.

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.Raised Seat Height

Raise Seat Height

If you have problems getting in and out of your vehicle it might help to raise the height of your seat.

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.Extended Seat Runners

Extended Seat Runners

If you have problems with bending your legs and find it difficult to get in and out of your vehicle it might help to reposition your seat.

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.Grab Handle

Grab Handles

Grab Handles provide an extra support whist you are getting in and out of the vehicle.

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Car Transfer Tools

Lightweight, portable and easy to use, these aids will fit most cars. They simply slide into the car door latch enabling the user to gain extra support and stability when entering or exiting their car.

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.Car Caddie

Door Frame Grab Handle

This installs and removes in seconds and fits any framed window car. The strap is fully adjustable ensuring the grab handle is at exactly the right position for your needs.

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.Seatbelt Grabber Handle

Seat Belt Grabber Handle

This handy device eliminates any twisting to reach the seatbelt.

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.Back Seat Handle

Back Seat Handle

This soft foam grab handle can be easily fitted to the front seats by removing the head rests and sliding the handle eyelets around the pillars and replacing. It provides extra leverage for any back-seat users making it easier for them to exit the vehicle.

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.Leg Lifter

Leg Lifter

This helps lift the lower leg and is ideal for people with back problems or stiff knees.

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