Looking to buy a Scooter?

“A mobility scooter gives you the confidence and freedom to continue doing all the things you enjoy, such as visiting family and friends, going shopping and travelling on holiday.”

There are many mobility scooters to choose from, so thinking about how you will use your scooter will help you select the right one:

  • How frequently will you be using your scooter?
  • Do you need your scooter to fold or dismantle so you can transport it in a car?
  • Will you be travelling on the road, pavement or ‘off-road’?
  • Will your journeys be long or short?
  • Will your scooter will be stored indoors or outside (in a garage or shed)?
  • Portable Mobility Scooters
  • Portable mobility scooters are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for helping you get out and about. Each model can be readily dismantled or folded so it can be easily stored or fitted into the back of a car. Being easy to transport, they make great travel mobility scooters for taking on holiday. With smaller batteries, portable mobility scooters are more suited to travelling shorter distances.


Travel mobility scooters, also known as portable mobility scooters, are the smallest and lightest of the bunch. These models can be quickly dismantled for ease of storage and transportation, so they will fit easily into a car boot for holidays and days out. Travel scooters are perfect for everyday use, whether you’re running errands, visiting friends and family or grabbing a few bits at the shops.

With narrow frames, they are very agile and easy to control, perfect for navigating busy high streets and supermarkets. While they aren’t especially suitable for heavier users, with user weight limits of up to 21st 6lbs, travel scooters are still very stable. Travel scooters typically have smaller batteries, so they are better suited for shorter trips. This does keep the scooter’s overall weight nice and light, however, which is really helpful for those with limited strength looking to get their scooter into a car or storage space. These scooters are fitted with either standard or delta tiller bars. D-shaped delta tiller bars are ideal for those with limited upper body strength and range of movement, a lack of dexterity in the hands and fingers and reduced grip strength. Delta tiller bars keep your hands closer together, with less effort required to accelerate and reverse, so a travel scooter with a delta tiller bar might be suitable for you if you get pain or stiffness in your arms and shoulders. Travel scooters are categorised as class 2 scooters, and can be driven only on pavements and footpaths.

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