General Adaptations

Handbrake Easy Release

Easy Release Handbrake

Operation Handbrake Easy Release

The Handbrake Easy Release easily fits over a standard handbrake and allows the user to engage the button without articulation of the thumb. This allows users who have difficulty flexing their thumb joint an easy alternative to a vehicle with an electric handbrake.

The adaptation also benefits users who find it difficult to grasp and pull a standard handbrake. To apply the handbrake, the standard handbrake easy release can be engaged by simply lifting your hand up when your palm is flat and facing upwards.

Increased mechanical advantage reduces the amount of force required to depress the handbrake button.

By using the central webbing fastening system we ensure the handbrake easy release is fully secured to the handbrake with no damage.

Gearshift Easy Release

Easy Release Gearshift

Operation Gearshift Easy Release

Fully adjustable 360 degree handle positioning to ensure suitability for the driver.

Specifically designed for the individual make and model of vehicle.

By using the central webbing fastening system we ensure the gearshift easy release is fully secured to the gearshift with no damage.

Simply rotate the handle to engage the gearshift button then move forwards or backwards to select the required gear position.

Removes the requirement to engage the gearshift button with either the fingers for front button gearshifts or thumb for side buttoned gearshifts

Electric Handbrake

Electric Handbrake

The electric handbrake is controlled by switches that can be situated either in the dashboard or centre console to suit the driver.

The adaptation depresses the button and electronically lifts or lowers the lever.

Please call to discuss vehicle suitability.

Lightened Power Steering

Lightened Power Steering

If the steering on your car is too heavy, we can make it lighter so it is easier for you to turn the wheel. The degree of lightness will depend on your needs which we can determine through an assessment of your strength.

Both hydraulic and electric steering systems can be modified.

Lightened Power Steering is ideal for:

  • Drivers with reduced strength
  • Drivers using just one hand to steer
  • Drivers with Rheumatism

Boot Strap

Boot Strap

The boot strap assists with closing the tailgate, where it is too high to reach.

The strap is fixed at a convenient point on the inside of the tailgate. it is used to pull down the tailgate to a height where it can be reached and then stores away neatly using a magnet before closing.

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