Vauxhall Astra
We are happy to have extended our demonstration fleet to enable us to show even more of the solutions we can offer. Our Vauxhall Astra is fitted with an 80kg Compact hoist, to load mobility scooters and wheelchairs into the boot with minimum effort, an electronic swivel seat which enables the user to gain access to the vehicle in comfort and a manual transfer plate which offers wheelchair users an extra support when transferring on
19th October 2018

Sandicliffe Ford visit.

We were privileged to be invited over to Sandicliffe Ford Nottingham yesterday to join in their Motability event. Alan took our Ford Kuga along which is fitted with an Autochair 80kg LC hoist and Turny Evo seats. He got to demonstrate these adaptations (and talk about lots more!) with a steady stream of people throughout the day.
2nd October 2018

You might not know……

………that as well as fitting adaptations to cars we can also fit them to Motorhomes. We can install many things into Motorhomes, including hoists for scooters or wheelchairs, electric transfer plates to aid access to the usually high front seats, and grip handles to help make steep steps more manageable.               
ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate
We are delighted to announce that Des Gosling Mobility Ltd. has been awarded ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certification. This certification recognises the strive for quality we make throughout the business, from our internal processes, all the way through to our customer care. As an internationally recognised standard, this can give our customers peace of mind and the knowledge that they will always receive high quality products and workmanship when dealing with us. We take great
Motability Show
3rd September 2018

And the sun shone!

Bill, Alan and Matt had a great day out on Thursday attending the Derby Telegraph Mobility show……and the sun shone! They met with lots of local car dealers who are Motability specialists and were busy throughout the day talking to prospective customers and members of the public who had just popped along to find out a bit more. We really enjoy these events and are already looking forward to next year!
The Derby Telegraph is hosting a free Mobility Car Show in the city’s Market Place on Thursday, August 30, from 10am until 3pm. We at Des Goslings are very pleased to be involved with this fabulous event, along with many of the leading local dealerships. Why not pop by and say hello to Bill and Alan!
Volkswagen Golf
We have now added a Volkswagen Golf to our extensive Demo fleet. Chosen to demonstrate just how versatile our adaptations can be, this typical 5 door hatchback is home to our new Carony 16, 40kg folding hoist and an 80kg folding Smartlifter LM hoist.
We are very happy to have the new Carony 16″ to demonstrate to our customers. The Carony is a system that lets you transfer from wheelchair to car seat without lifting. It takes away all the difficult, heavy and dangerous parts of the transfer. It’s as safe and comfortable as a standard car seat and it’s as versatile and easy to use as a transport wheelchair. If you’re a wheelchair user and have trouble doing
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