Wheelchair Stowage - Rooftop Systems

Chair Topper

Steering Device

The Chair Topper stores a foldable wheelchair within 30 seconds. The weather-tight fibreglass compartment weighs 55 kg and can be mounted on most vehicle models. The total weight, including wheelchair, does not exceed 75 kg.

The roof box adds 54 cm total height to the vehicle and is available in driver- and passenger-side models.

  • Hand control operated.
  • Stowes in 30 seconds.
  • Alluminium frame. Base/top in ABS plastic.
  • Available in left or right side loading.
  • Low friction side tracks.
  • Sealed motors.
  • No exposed rivets on the exterior.
  • Fully enclosed to be weather resistant.
  • Integrated manual backup system.

Rooftop Systems

Wheelchair Stowage - Rooftop systems

Thanks to the fact that ROOF SPIDER can load from either side of the vehicle it doesn’t matter if you choose to drive the vehicle or just travel as a passenger. You just press the hand control button corresponding the side on which you are placed.

ROOF SPIDER is designed for foldable manual wheelchairs of maximum 25 kg.

ROOF SPIDER is crash tested with a 25 kg load and has passed tests such as a 2.5 kg hammertest at -20˚ C, shape permanence at +60˚ C, resistance to electromagnetic interference, fire resistance etc. The product is CE-marked.

ROOF SPIDER will make you independent of assistance from other people. With the wheelchair stored in a roof box you won’t get your vehicle compartment dirty or your luggage area restricted.

Thanks to the low weight (<54 kg unloaded) you have a choice of most vehicle makes and models.

Bear in mind that the roof box adds 47 cm to the vehicle height above roof rack if you have a garage door height limit to consider.

Wheelchair Stowage - Rooftop systems

Roof Spider loads the wheelchair from either side of the vehicle.

How to load the wheelchair:

Wheelchair Stowage - Rooftop systems

Transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle seat.

Wheelchair Stowage - Rooftop systems

Place the wheelchair in a suitable position for the lifting device. Press the hand control button that correspond to the side you are sitting.

The roof box lid opens and the lifting device is lowered towards the wheelchair. Fold the wheelchair with the lifting device pressed in between the sides of the seat.

Wheelchair Stowage - Rooftop systems

Press the hand control button (arrow up) to load the wheelchair.